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Spanish director Luis Preito’s Pusher follows a week in the life of a choleric drug dealer named Frank (Richard Coyle). The film is an English-language remake of Drive director Nicolas Winding Refn’s 1996 Danish crime drama of the same name.

Preito switches up the original film’s Copenhagen setting, and now has Frank living as a big-time drug dealer in London. Frank’s life is an intermittent adventure of drugs and cheap thrills, but almost as quickly as this wild ride takes off, we see it come to an excruciating halt when Frank begins to feel alienated from his fair-weather friends and materialistic lifestyle. The pusher painfully begins to feel his joy and ability to love engulfed by the seedy cut-throat underworld he’s become so deeply involved with, and soon the hazards of his profession cripple him to the core with endless fear.

Preito’s Pusher is also produced by Refn and with a soundtrack produced by Brit electronic group Orbital, Pusher attempts to recreate the 90s rave/drug culture that Refn’s original film explored.


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