Princess of the Row - Trailers


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Alicia (Tayler Buck) is a foster kid who has been bounced from home to home but spends most of her time on the streets with her homeless, mentally-ill father. Beaumont Willis (Edi Gathegi) was a good father before he was sent to fight in Iraq, where he sustained a traumatic brain injury. Now, he suffers from PTSD and doesn't always recognize Alicia.

Beaumont lives in a tent and Alicia spends much of her time with him, trying to keep him safe, to the consternation of social worker Magdalene (Ana Ortiz), who would like to find Alicia a home she'll stay at, and where she'll attend school regularly. Magdalene finally finds Alicia the perfect foster home with bestselling author John (Martin Sheen) and his wife, Carolina (Jenny/82930/">Jenny Gago). But because they live 10 hours away from Los Angeles, Alicia doesn't want to go. She decides to run away and get out of the city with Beaumont.


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