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The Cameron family has just moved into an old house in the Mount Pleasant neighborhood and before Doug Cameron (Ben Ratner) even finished unpacking, his six-year-old daughter, Courtney, finds an addict’s discarded needle while playing in their backyard. In the six weeks before she can be tested for any serious illness, the father, riddled with guilt for leaving his daughter alone in the backyard, joins the neighborhood watch program in an effort to help clean up his new community. His wife, Sarah Cameron (Camille Sullivan), a high school drug and alcohol counselor, struggles to cope with her daughter’s possible serious illness.

On the other side of town lives the affluent and well-respected Burrows household. The patriarch of the family, Stephen Burrows (Shawn Doyle), is a successful real estate agent, loving father and frequent patron of teenage prostitutes in the Mount Pleasant area. His wife, Anne Burrows (Kelly Rowan), full time social coordinator, thinks her husband’s worst vice is coffee. Both parents are oblivious to the escalating cries for attention of their rapidly maturing 13-year-old daughter Megan (Genevieve Buechner).

Standing on the corner a few blocks away from the Camerons' house is Nadia (Katie Boland), a recently turned teenage prostitute and heroin addict. Living in a slum with her boyfriend turned pimp/pusher Nick (Tygh Runyan), Nadia naively believes she can get a break in the real estate business through her regular john, Stephen Burrows. When Stephen begins frequenting the even younger prostitutes, Nadia's big dreams quickly turn to blackmail…

Canadian Connection  Canadian Connection: Filmed in Toronto, with a mostly Canadian cast and crew.


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