Mayor of Kingstown - Trailers


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In Kingstown, Michigan, Mitch (Kyle Chandler) and Mike McLusky (Jeremy Renner) are power brokers, negotiating between inmates, correction officers and criminals on the street. Their younger brother Kyle (Taylor Handley) is a police officer, which gives them an inside connection. Calm and collected Mitch is known as the unofficial Mayor of Kingstown, but when he's shot by a criminal, Mike, who's more of a firecracker, has to take over.

When a young hooker named Iris (Emma Laird) comes to his office as part of a negotiation, he turns her down, but discovers quickly that she's in danger. Meanwhile, their mother Miriam (Dianne Wiest) teaches history in the prison system. When Kyle's wife becomes pregnant, Miriam, afraid that Kyle will die in the line of duty, begs him to no longer involve himself in his brothers' work.


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