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Marvel's Iron Fist - NYCC Teaser Trailer

155 Views | 1:17 | Uploaded on Oct 11, 2016

In the New York Comic-Con teaser trailer for Marvel's Iron Fist (Netflix), we're taken between the skyscrapers of the Big Apple as a voice says, "Because of who you are, there will always be forces gathering against you." We see Danny Rand (Finn Jones) in a state of meditation, cross-legged on a white couch in a condo with his eyes shut. Shortly after, we see him engaged in heated battle with several of New York's corrupt power players.

A voice then informs us that Danny was "a child touched by fire, destined to be our greatest warrior." We see Danny's superior kung-fu skills in action, watch as his fist glows in shades of yellow and orange, and see him punch through walls. Finally, he exclaims, "This is my purpose."


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