Major League III - Trailers


692 Views | 1:52 | Uploaded on Nov 12, 2013

In this third installment to the "Major League" baseball comedies, Scott Bakula plays Gus Cantrell, a burnt-out veteran, minor league pitcher who has thrown his last fast ball. He is in the autumn of his career when Roger Dorn, the owner of the Minnesota Twins, comes through with an offer -- to manage their Triple A team, the Buzz. Gus is only too happy to accept. When Gus arrives in South Carolina, he is confronted by a wild bunch of misfits instead of a minor league farm team, who can barely manage an inning without a mishap.

But under Gus' tutelage, the oddballs start slinging mean balls. Pleased and surprised with the Buzz's winning streak, Dorn invites them to play the Twins in an exhibition game at the Metrodome. When the game ends in an unexpected tie, Gus challenges the Twins to a rematch. But this time it's on his turf, with a gamble that can make or break Gus' career.


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