Major Grom: Plague Doctor (Netflix) - Trailers


215 Views | 2:17 | Uploaded on Jul 06, 2021

Police Major Igor Grom (Tikhon Zhiznevskiy) has a keen eye for apprehending criminals on the streets of St. Petersburg. While he is good at his job, Igor is also disliked by his fellow officers for disregarding his superiors and never solving problems peacefully. But Igor's rogue side becomes an asset when a dangerous new criminal who is disguised as a plague doctor begins terrorizing St. Petersburg. The plague doctor says the city is "sick with the plague of lawlessness," and the only treatment is to murder people who evade punishment with the help of money and status. As Igor hunts the dangerous killer, his skills are put to the ultimate test in a conflict that may determine the fate of St. Petersburg.


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