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This is a full length feature documentary that winds through India's railways and stations, in the company of destitute children who have made the vast network of India's Railways the place they call home.

Confiding their life stories, fears, hopes and dreams, these disowned and abandoned youngsters astonishingly entrust their sobering reality to Lucky - former train station vagrant. Through him, we experience a rare and intimate connection, shaping the tone of the film.

Faced with trafficking, molestation, drugs, and poverty on a daily basis, these children allow us an intimate look into their wolrd.

With over 39,450 miles of tracks, 15,000 trains, 11 million passengers daily, 1.6 million employees and over 7,000 stations, Indian Railways is a universe unto itself-a seething, endlessly energized network through which pass all the diverse cultures of the subcontinent and its billion-plus souls.

With Lucky as our guide, we criss-cross the plains of India all the way to Nepal, winding our way up the foothills of the Himalayas in search of his illusive family.


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