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'LEGO DC: Batman - Family Matters' Trailer

1,224 Views | 1:45 | Uploaded on May 21, 2019

In this trailer for LEGO DC: Batman - Family Matters, when Batman (voice of Troy Baker) unknowingly sells off Wayne Enterprises to Two-Face (voice of Christian Lanz), Gotham City finds itself in new peril as the new villainous C.E.O unleashes a new robotic force called Brother Eye. Batman then enlists the help of the Bat Family, including the likes of Nightwing, Robin (voice of Scott Menville), Batgirl (voice of Alyson Stoner), Batwoman (voice of Tara Strong) and Red Hood (voice of Jason Spisak), to take back his company, shut down Brother Eye, and prove to Two-Face that Batman and Bruce Wayne are two separate people. 


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