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Jigsaw - Trailer #1

18,930 Views | 2:19 | Uploaded on Jul 21, 2017

In the first official trailer for Jigsaw, bodies are found around the city and each of them faced a gruesome death. A piece of flesh has been carved out of the bodies, an M.O. associated with John Kramer, the killer who was known as Jigsaw. The team question whether it's a copycat, since Jigsaw has been dead for ten years. A medical examiner reveals that the blood found under the fingernails of the victims belongs to Jigsaw. A chip with an audio file is found on the body and the voice says, "The truth will set you free." We see a group of victims go through a similar sort of torture as seen in the previous films. The choice each one makes in this horrifying game will determine if they live or die.


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