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It Comes at Night - Official Trailer

14,678 Views | 2:21 | Uploaded on May 03, 2017

In the official trailer for It Comes at Night, we are brought into the wilderness where Paul (Joel Egerton) is having a discussion with someone who appears to be held captive. “Do you know what’s going on out there?” he asks while the other shakes his head. We then see two families getting acquainted with each other, and the man thanking Paul for welcoming him into his home. From there, Paul starts to go over the rules of the house, which includes not going out at night and ensuring that the red door always remains locked and shut. When the door is found open, we begin to see a panic ensue within the two families. As they worry about who could be “sick,” a fight for survival against each other and this unseen threat begins to unfold.

It Comes at Night opens in select cities June 9, 2017.


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