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I Am Not Your Negro - Official Trailer

4,918 Views | 1:54 | Uploaded on Feb 22, 2017

In the riveting official trailer for the documentary I Am Not Your Negro, we see archive footage of author James Baldwin telling talk show host Dick Cavett that if a white person says “Give me liberty, or give me death,” they are applauded. However, if a black person says the exact same thing, they are ridiculed. Images of famous Civil Rights leaders such as Malcolm X and Martin Luther King Jr. are shown on the screen to exemplify that statement. Actor Samuel L. Jackson narrates, saying that the story of the negro in America is actually the story of America, and that it is not a very pretty story. Baldwin goes on to say in archive footage that white people needed black people to pick cotton, but now that they do not need them for that anymore, they will begin to kill them off. This groundbreaking documentary explores race relations and how they have and will shape the future of America. 


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