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Hotel Beautifool Trailer

130 Views | 2:58 | Uploaded on Aug 20, 2017

The Grand Hotel Beautiful isn't quite what it claims to be. Although it appears to be a dream destination with its location on a gorgeous beach, it's become the joke of the Hospitality Industry, known unofficial as Hotel Beautifool. Owned by obtuse Harry Singh and drunkard Pedro, they hope to get a Grand Award, which could turn things around for the hotel. Unfortunately, they'll have to change a lot of things first. 

The air conditioners are rusted and noisy, the beds are held up by stacks of bricks, the inept staff double books rooms and their cleaning abilities leave much to be desired. Things aren't looking up when sharp shooter Romeo is hired by a rival to kill a customer in the hotel in order to drive customers away. Harry hopes beauty contest organizer Mrs. Jadia will help him achieve the award, but Mrs. Jadia and her assistant Toughy are at their evil best working to exploit Harry. Adultery, guns and a planted bomb just adds to the chaos. 


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