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Dear Dictator Trailer

3,800 Views | 2:10 | Uploaded on Feb 23, 2018

In the trailer for Dear Dictator, high school teacher Mr. Spines (Jason Biggs) asks his student Tatiana (Odeya Rush) which person she chose for her assignment in which the students were to write a role model a letter. When she responds with "Anton Vincent" he asks in surprise, "The dictator?" We then see Vincent (Michael Caine) in charge, discovering that the people he said were traitors, who were just shot on his command, may have been innocent. Back in the classroom, Tatiana responds, "I admire his style." At home, Tatiana finds a letter from Vincent. It seems they've been carrying on a correspondance. When Vincent is ousted, he goes to Tatiana's house and tells her he's going to hide there. She agrees, and he teaches her how to be a rebel in order to get back at the mean girls at school. 


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