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16,693 Views | 1:38 | Uploaded on May 29, 2013

Nine months after her husband died, Dafna Ullman (Orli Zilberschatz-Banai) has just gone back to work as a night shift hospital midwife. 16-year-old Yair (Nitai Gvirtz) has dropped out of school, abandoned a potential basketball career and now hides inside a mouse costume, distributing flyers on the subway. 11-year-old Ido (Daniel Magon) deals with his building aggression by trying to break the world free jump record (and practices into an empty swimming pool), while six-year-old Bahr (Eliana Magon) begins a lonely first day of school.

So, it's left to 17-year-old Maya (Maya Maron), a gifted budding singer/songwriter, to act as a surrogate mother to her youngest siblings.

Everyone tries to navigate their daily lives as best as they can - jobs, romantic involvements, a car that won't start - but when Maya forgets to pick up little Bahr from school, it's an incident that causes a major upheaval in their lives.


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