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On the surface, Tim (Barry Watson) is a seemingly normal, twenty-something guy. But an intense, paralyzing fear that has been terrifying him since childhood is tearing him apart. And it's getting worse every day.

When Tim was small, each night his dad read him a bedtime story. Many of these stories teetered on the brink of horror, much to his mom's chagrin, but Tim and his father made sure his bedroom was safe when the lights finally went out. Until that one fateful night. As Tim watched from his bed, paralyzed with fear, his father was violently sucked into the closet, and was never seen or heard from again.

Tim is terrified that the Boogeyman will someday return and take him as he has taken so many before. Many years later, after Tim's mother (Lucy Lawless) dies, he is forced to return to his childhood home and face the source of all his fears.


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