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17,200 Views | 1:45 | Uploaded on May 29, 2013

Ben (Greg Timmermans) is different. He never speaks, except to his mother and to his little brother. He gets high grades, but is viewed as "Frankenstein" and "the Martian" by classmates at the high school he attends. Ben's only solace is the time he spends playing his favorite online computer game Archlord, where he can be the fearless hero slaying enemies left and right. Ben tries hard to train himself for the real world he lives in. The harsh world of a technical school is for him a daily kind of living hell.

Ben X is a powerful figure in the world of ArchLord. He is everything that the teenage Ben is not. As the horror of being a daily subject to bullying grows, Ben devises a plan. Then Scarlite (Laura Verlinden), the girl he has met in his online game, appears in the real-world to point the way. That wasn't part of the plan... Together, they concoct the ultimate end-game.


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