Bad Samaritan - Trailers

Bad Samaritan - Trailer

22,579 Views | 2:34 | Uploaded on Apr 12, 2018

The trailer for Bad Samaritan opens on two young thieves, Sean (Robert Sheehan) and Derek (Carlito Olivero), who are discussing what they stole. As it turns out, they work as valets and when a car is left with them by a wealthy client, Sean drives it to the owner's house and robs it while Derek keeps watch, gauging how long the customer will take. One night, when Sean drives a Maserati to the owner's house, he's startled to find a young woman tied up, screaming, "Help me please!" By the time he discovers her, the Maserati owner is finished and asking Derek for his car, which leaves Sean with a very big decision to make. 


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