Backstabbing for Beginners - Trailers

Backstabbing for Beginners - Trailer

1,611 Views | 1:45 | Uploaded on Apr 02, 2018

In the trailer for Backstabbing for Beginners, we meet Michael Sullivan (Theo James), who begins a job as an aide at the United Nations, working in the Oil-for-Food Programme. Michael is approached by a member of the CIA, who alleges that the program is being used for private gain, possibly from the inside, which would point the finger at his boss (Ben Kingsley). Michael refuses to spy for the CIA, but he's told to just keeps his eyes and ears open. He goes over some documents and finds some "after service" fees, which he feels may be kickbacks. When Michael finds out his predecessor was murdered, he's told he should be very, very careful. 


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