Under the Skin

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2.67 / 5

User rating: 2.67

Based on 24 votes and 6 reviews

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  • User rating: 2.67 8.33%
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User review rating: 4 April 06, 2015

This was a fun movie. A tad bit creepy, thought provoking, and pretty entertaining. Had a good ending.

User review rating: 5 December 08, 2014

DO NOT LISTEN TO NEGATIVE REVIEWS - this piece of art is about YOU thinking; there's no dialogue, there's an incredibly well told story with traumatic, profound, and eerily unsettling themes. WATCH what is going on - this is what speaks in this film. I've never seen a movie like this; it's incredible the way the medium has been warped, so beautifully, so uniquely. WATCH THIS FILM. You will never look at Scarlett the same way again...

User review rating: 1 October 07, 2014

Horrible movie...the only reason to watch this flick, if you wanna se Scarlett Johannson naked.

User review rating: 1 August 14, 2014

Really really bad, only made it to the crying baby on the beach, and it was so depressing/ boring with no real story going on I just clicked it off. Not really worth watching sadly, even though it is different it's just not interesting.

User review rating: 2 May 20, 2014

Read great things about this but was really disappointed. There's some good ideas and great cinematography. But this is an overly artsy bore. It's repetitive and draggy, would have been better as a short film. It's like Johannson lost a bet.

User review rating: 0 May 16, 2014

This was one of the worst movie I have ever seen!

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