The Object of My Affection

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4.70 / 5

User rating: 4.70

Based on 213 votes and 9 reviews

  • User rating: 4.70 83.50%
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User review rating: 0 June 26, 2007

I really hated this movie. I found it extremely depressing.

User review rating: 0 February 09, 2006

i loved this movie the storyline was so moving & jennifer aniston & paul rudd playing their roles absolutely fantastic & everyone watching can relate to this story because this is the sort of thing that does happen in real life & i also have to say that paul rudd is a very attractive man & i love him sooo much & julie yeager is a very lucky woman to have this very hot & sexy man as her husband!!! lol & i think his an amazing actor actor & i admire him so much lots of love marie everett from the UK

User review rating: 0 December 29, 2005

it`s the history of my life, because is so cute!!

User review rating: 0 May 11, 2005

I thought the movie was very good and I loved the story of a straight girl wanting to start an extended family with gay roomate and eventually falling in love. Jennifer Aniston and Paul Rudd do a great job!

User review rating: 0 January 10, 2005

A beautiful down to earth and realistic movie that reflects the reality of the modern society. Love is a gift regardless of time & space. A magnificient production.

User review rating: 0 July 06, 2004

I loved every second of this movie and all of my friends love it too. I think its a great movie with great actors and actresses. I may sound a little sad but I DONT CARE

User review rating: 0 June 17, 2004

A heart-wrenching story of love and the toughest decisions of life. Warms the heart and teaches the soul.

User review rating: 0 August 29, 2003

Object... is the last masterpiece of the romantic comedy. A great film about the infelicity of the human relations and a excepcional permance of the amazing Paul Rudd.

User review rating: 0 February 16, 2002

I loved "The Object of my Affection"... One couldn`t find a more suiting actress for Nina`s part than Jennifer Aniston!!! But did they really have to swear so much??

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