The Lost City of Z

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  • User rating: 3 22.73%
  • User rating: 3 22.73%
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  • User rating: 3 22.73%
  • User rating: 3 22.73%

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User review rating: 2 August 08, 2017

A collection of men mumbling to each other in the dark. There's old men mumbling to each other in English manors. There's young men mumbling to each other in dark jungle floors. There's young men mumbling to each other in WWI trenches. There's men mumbling to each other in ship holds. That's the movie. He doesn't find an ancient city, he finds broken pottery on the jungle floor. And he spends 5 minutes studying it before he leaves, this after a months long journey to get there (up a mysterious river that flows backwards towards it's source).

User review rating: 1 July 21, 2017

Super boring. If you have insomnia, this will help.

User review rating: 1 July 15, 2017

God Charlie cant act at all...

User review rating: 4 June 15, 2017


User review rating: 5 May 31, 2017

I loved it, amazing true story.

User review rating: 4 May 24, 2017

This is a true story and the movie accurately follows the book . The period of British imperialism both before and after WW1 had many characters who were driven to achieve for the Empire and subjected themselves to almost unbelievable feats of endurance . Mallory of Everest fame also in this era is another example. There is more depth to the movie than the typical Hollywood fare.

User review rating: 2 May 12, 2017

A nice concept. But.... it was unsympathetic in a way, the lead character was selfish and maybe a bit delusional. Very sad that they were unable to find any ancient ruins, while Pachu Pichu was discovered by a different explorer. His methods must have been completely skewered.

User review rating: 2 May 08, 2017

4 snores out of 5. BORING! Dozed off a couple of times and didn't seem to make a difference in understanding the movie. Very little happens over a long period of time. Should be called The Lost City of Zzzzzzzz...

User review rating: 2 April 27, 2017

Watching this movie was an endurance test. The WWI part didn't add much to overall story, thus a rewrite of this part would helped reduce the duration of this film. The first and second treks through the jungle were good, but we were exhausted by time the third trek finally took place.

User review rating: 3 April 26, 2017

Way too long. Slow moving, muddy plot, shot with digital backgrounds. Stay home and look at some English period piece on Public TV. You'll save time and money and be better entertained.

User review rating: 2 April 25, 2017

Nobody does old school adventure movies better than the British. But this one falls flat. It has a little bit of adventure with a whole lot of 'why am I leaving home again' and again.... and again... home drama. About 50% of the movie should have been cut. More of a PBS drama than an adventure movie. A real snoozer.

User review rating: 5 April 21, 2017

Best movie in a while!! beautiful scenery and great acting!!

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