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4.18 / 5

User rating: 4.18

Based on 46 votes and 17 reviews

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  • User rating: 4.18 22.73%
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User review rating: 0 February 09, 2015

Top shelf. Great story about love, obsession, failure and honesty. Fine performances by all, especially the two boys.

User review rating: 3 May 26, 2014

Good movie!!

User review rating: 3 January 29, 2014

very good movie.

User review rating: 3 January 05, 2014

3 1/2 stars. Slow moving but it kept me engaged. Nice performances from the two boys.

User review rating: 5 August 30, 2013

I liked it! It's better than most movies out right now.

User review rating: 0 August 29, 2013

slow! not much in the line of a plot. I kept waiting. for the good part maybe the last 5 minutes.

User review rating: 5 August 12, 2013

Excellent movie, lots of drama and suspense.

User review rating: 5 July 25, 2013

awesome. not quite better than sex, but definitely full price

User review rating: 0 June 17, 2013


User review rating: 2 June 12, 2013

We liked the acting of the two young boys, but otherwise the movie very poor and slow. Not worth wasting money on.

User review rating: 5 June 10, 2013

Exellent movie , you wont be dissapointed

User review rating: 4 June 09, 2013

Flowed like a mystical river with undercurrents that will continue to tug and pull at you, even long after you leave the theatre.

User review rating: 0 June 08, 2013

This was a very boring movie i actually fell asleep in the first 30 minutes. its a sort of movie a redneck would love very anti feminist. it was made in redneck country.

User review rating: 5 June 05, 2013

Fantastic movie, one of the best I've seen this year. It didn't get much press exposure but it should be in the running for a few Oscars. Really good plot, really good acting, and some pretty deep themes. Feminists beware, it kind of casts women in a bad light. But it's told from a little boys point of view (like Huck Finn) so keep that in mind. It also says some things about men, regarding their immaturity and inability to grow out of childhood. This movie will give you something to think about!

User review rating: 5 May 31, 2013

A real movie for a change. The characters are believable and engaging. The story is good and flows along very well. Worth seeing if you enjoy a movie with some substance over action/adventure.

User review rating: 5 May 21, 2013

This was a rare movie because it had a really good story--- very non-Hollywood !!! I highly recommend it for the whole family, 12 and over. The little ones would get restless. Loved it!!!

User review rating: 4 May 13, 2013

As far as Matthew McConaughey goes, if you ever just had to have done one movie in your life, this would have been the one you would want to immortalize you. Everyone knows a guy like this. Glad I went to see this movie. And I just wanted to go somewhere air conditioned.

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