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User review rating: 4 October 12, 2017

I can't say, given I am in a completely different (older) age range, that I could relate to the challenges faced by the lead character. Nonetheless, I found the role reversals of the two main characters interesting, particularly as these roles transitioned toward the end of the movie. I also felt the acting, especially of Sarah Kolasky, was very strong.

User review rating: 2 October 11, 2017

Not so great. I like movies with adult themes such as appear here -uncertainty, fear of settling, pondering Robert Frost's "Road Not Taken," but I didn't find the lead character to be a sympathetic one. We are drawn into Lauren's self-centeredness, but her succession of bad choices seem almost mindless. Her motivation, presuming she has motivation, doesn't come through. AND, it's a LONG 77 minutes.... gurubob

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