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User review rating: 2 June 10, 2022

What do you want, really? How do you experience pleasure? Do you allow yourself to experience pleasure, and if you don’t then why not? Where do you carry your shame and why are you ashamed? Why are pain and pleasure and shame so inextricably linked? The film is simple, two actors in one room exploring intimacy, connection, sex, frustration, and shifting power dynamics, but in our currently divided world, these intimate stories about connection feel even more vital. Our bodies, our shame, our mis-communications, our sexual connections, and sexual frustrations are often tragic, and we believe we are longing for stories that reflect us and challenge us and allow us to consider how we treat each other. There's much to be said between two characters who meet to have good sex, and much that cannot be expressed in words. We love to work with desire, our wants and needs, the way our wants compete with each other and the way we try to reject them or embrace them. To get past that's a lot of freedom. How can the film makes sure that we’re consulting sex workers, that’s not harmful, that’s perhaps empowering in some way. Sex and the body are fundamental to the film and having been soaked in a culture that teaches us to be ashamed and want to control and change our bodies. A lot of our societal constructions make it impossible for us to be present and we think that’s also what the film starts to address. If you weren’t following the rules, what would you want? How would you express it and how would you find it? It could be a reminder that someone unlikely might free you from your own limitations in a small but significant way. Written by Gregory Mann

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