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User review rating: 0 June 06, 2008

I was actually very surprised by the movie. I had been expecting something much less, I will admit, based on other recent remakes. The movie was incredibly funny, with the occasional nod to the original show, of which I was a fan. It was comical, suspenseful, and thoroughly entertaining. Something the family can enjoy, that isn’t just for the kids.

User review rating: 0 June 06, 2008

f*'n hilarious. Really funny.

User review rating: 0 June 06, 2008

Really funny... however a movie that I woulda likely wait til it came out on DVD to see.

User review rating: 0 June 06, 2008

Missed it by that much... Actually it didn't. This movie was a pleasant surprise. A nice balance of action, humor and a touch of romance. There were a few references to the original silliness of the show but the movie matured passed a lot of the slap stick humor, making it a really enjoyable movie going experience.

User review rating: 0 June 06, 2008

I was quite surprised by this movie. It was much funnier than I thought it would be. It paid homage to the original series without mocking it. I'd watch it again.

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