Death of a President

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3.91 / 5

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  • User rating: 3.91 58.49%
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  • User rating: 3.91 4.72%
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User review rating: 0 April 18, 2017

Back when George W. Bush was thought to be the worst President imaginable...

User review rating: 0 September 02, 2007

really well done and all but a little long. see it its a good movie!!!

User review rating: 0 December 21, 2006

Brilliant! The real footage is seamlessly blended and knitted with the acting. One may find the movie is pointless, that doesn`t matter, it just simply speaks a lot of others` mind.

User review rating: 0 November 10, 2006

Astonishing! Keeps you guessing right to the end!

User review rating: 0 November 04, 2006

Makes a great date movie.

User review rating: 0 November 04, 2006

Death of a President is an intelligent and intense documentary style political thriller. I found the movie very realistic and it kept me extremely interested until the end. There is a powerful political message to the film which raises some frightening questions. Do not be influenced by the mainstream media that is attacking this film!! Think for yourself and go and see Death of a President!.

User review rating: 0 November 03, 2006

The coolest film of the year so far -- I LOVED it!

User review rating: 0 November 03, 2006

I loved it even more than I thought I would.

User review rating: 0 November 02, 2006

Boring..... I really don`t see the point of this film.

User review rating: 0 October 30, 2006

I wasn`t sure if they were making a mocumentory or drama, I thought the acting was pretty bad. At about the 2/3rds part of the movie I didn`t care what happened, who did or anything. Save your money, not worth paying to see when you can get something better for free on TV

User review rating: 0 October 30, 2006

I just saw this movie and i did not like it it was filled with hate... i am from canada and have my own thoughts on america and Bush but i just can not condone movies about killing or pretend killing of a person who is not dead already. I say go see it and make your own opinion but it seems that it is the "cool" thing to hate america and that is not cool. people can have there own ideas on this topic. these people who made this movie should give all there profits from this movie to charity if they are so rightous. sorry for spelling i am tired.

User review rating: 0 October 28, 2006

Great movie. Doesn`t matter if you are a fan of bush or not, its just a great great movie. It opened up my eyes a lot. I recommend that everyone see this movie..definetly worth the $$$

User review rating: 0 October 28, 2006

The best time I`ve had at the movies all year! Even non-fans of President Bush will find much to love about this thought-provoking movie masterpiece!

User review rating: 0 October 27, 2006

Google " 911 Loose Change " and see a real politically charged movie/documentary. Death of a President - brilliant picture, highlighting the issues of a senseless war in Iraq combined with the social stigma of muslims. The actors that portrayed the staff of the president almost made me feel sorry for the guy. Almost.

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