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User review rating: 0 January 03, 2008

LOL just reading people's reviews tells me there are still alot of children in the world, BOYS AND GIRLS, as in life so in this movie U cant know everything and information comes as u find out SORRY no spoon feeding dialog in this movie,the best thing this movie shows is the mass amount of lazy minded hollywood zombies that only expect to be entertained by shinny images rather then thought provoking content, IF U DONT LIKE TO THINK DONT WATCH THIS MOVIE GO BACK TO YOUR GLOSSY EYED REALITY

User review rating: 0 December 22, 2007

filmin g was gorgeous! see it just for the style, not to mension a great film... awesome director, love his movies, like Harry Potter prisoner of azkaband... see it

User review rating: 0 July 28, 2007

Syunning film, just stunning. It's worth the money. go see it!

User review rating: 0 April 29, 2007

fantastic film. continuous shots were stylistically perfected. dont listen to any of these negative comments about the film because they were made by uneducated juveniles that only go to movie to get a cheap thrill while this film entertains you from start to finish and is thought provoking. alot of people will say how there was no plot development, and im not sure what to say to those people. other than many of insults directed to them. I guess those viewers wanted to see what happened after the girl went to the human project... but that would be such a waste of time to actually show that. you children are not of men, but children of cinema... see what i did there? anyways, fantastic!

User review rating: 0 April 03, 2007

Doesn`t paint a pretty picture of the future. Very deep. The only criticism I would have is that the plot could have picked up earlier. I was on the verge of writing off the movie and then the story started.

User review rating: 0 April 01, 2007

A strange yet solid movie

User review rating: 0 March 17, 2007

COMPLETELY POINTLESS. Writing more would further waste my time. The movie already wasted enough.

User review rating: 0 March 17, 2007

Full of fury .. .signifying nothing. I think that`s a good way to sum it up. The plot didn`t go anywhere. The background was believable (riots and expelling of immigrants etc.) but. . . that had nothing to do with the plot and didn`t contribute to the plot. The origin/reason for women going infertile could have been left to the imagination. . .but. . **PLOT SPOILER** what`s the point of saving the woman with the baby?? They don`t say that she can help solve it (since we don`t know why there are no children) and the only slight explanation is that mankind has brought it on themselves (i.e. higher power punishment.) Anyway, bad mo

User review rating: 0 March 17, 2007

a confusing film - engaging at the start, but for once i wish the story would actually be explored - instead of the usual realization by the makers halfway through this and most movies that with a lack of coherence, if enough bombs go off, car chases, people being shot that maybe people watching the flick will somehow be appeased, and overlook the fact that the story is weak

User review rating: 0 March 15, 2007

omg soooo bad

User review rating: 0 March 10, 2007

waste of money

User review rating: 0 February 27, 2007

it`s a nice movie,,i loved it

User review rating: 0 February 25, 2007

Dark and pointless. Plot holes you could drive a truck through. Clive Owen was good as was Michael Caine given the limited material to work with. Save your money.

User review rating: 0 February 19, 2007


User review rating: 0 February 15, 2007

I really, really enjoyed this movie. I found the storyline and the acting incredible. Sure the film left some things to be explained (like the reason why women became infertile), but that just aids to the quality of the film... you have to leave things up to the imagination sometimes, and let your audience come to their own conclusions in order to make sense harmful situations. In this case the plot line is very real, in this day and age... it may be difficult to think that this may be what the world is coming to, but it`s possible. Clive Owen, Michael Caine and Claire-Hope Ashitey did a great job in their roles. The war scene near the e

User review rating: 0 February 13, 2007

Ok movie. I liked the story but not the shakey camera work, made me dizzy.

User review rating: 0 February 10, 2007

An absolutely pathetic movie. What a waste of a good evening. Sick and sad. Wouldn`t recommend anybody go see it!!!

User review rating: 0 February 10, 2007

weak story line; doesn`t define the difference between the "good" guys and the "bad" guys, but I enjoy Clive Owen`s & Michael Caine`s performances (P.S. Julianne Moore had maybe 10 min. in the movie, yet is listed as the 2nd name, implying the 2nd leading role). I went b/c I`m desperate for a sci-fi movie, whereas this is a drawn out drama.

User review rating: 0 February 07, 2007

we really liked it well done on all elements

User review rating: 0 February 05, 2007

So the movie takes place in England but where are the English people...everyone is Arab and when the world is going to hell only non-whites are left? Interesting concept but BAD movie very racist

User review rating: 0 February 04, 2007

I went and saw this movie tonight, and I have to say I wish I was able to vote a "0 star rating" this will by far be Clive Owen`s worst movie of his career, because a movie could not be worse. I was let down by the way the movie was performed. The first hour was very slow and boring, and the ending was dissapointing. There was not really a climax to come down from. If you have 2 spare hours of your life you want to flush down the toilet or $15 you wish to throw out the window - go see this movie. Otherwise stay home, paint a wall and watch it dry to match the experience.

User review rating: 0 February 03, 2007

I thought it would be more of an action flick (the critics said it was) but then again you can`t judge a film based on what you were expecting, only what it was. It did a good job showing what this world may be like in this infertile human race scenario, but never bothered to explain how it happened. Kind of a big point to miss. Am I the only one who thinks it`s ridiculous that if the world went crap the last haven would be England? England isn`t doing so great right now. There`s alot of poverty out there and they`re far from being self-reliant. They`re a frieking island. Most of their food is imported and if the rest of the world stopped tur

User review rating: 0 February 02, 2007

Good cinematrography: granted. Interesting idea: sure. But overall the film did not succeed in being either an intelligent film or a good action film. The script was poor, and the plot was seriously lacking. An impressive cast, but it was as if they were given the scripts the night the acting was transparent. Watch the trailer, imagine a great film, but dont spoil it with actually seeing it.

User review rating: 0 February 02, 2007

Disappointment. Great idea for a story but only aboiut 15 mins scene that was interesting. Very slow until about 2/3 rds the way through. People in the theater making comments like " you have to be kidding!" Shaking heads and " stupid" laughter. Very poor acting except through the main character. Nearly walked out.

User review rating: 0 January 30, 2007

I found this film to amazing. Of course it`s not for everyone and people with no imagination or creativity can`t ever be pleased... maybe they need to stick with Borat to be amazed. But for those who need to exercise their brain and see different perspective of life... then do watch this movie. Great plot, great acting, GREAT MOVIE!

User review rating: 0 January 30, 2007

While not perfect, it was a fantastic movie, made you think, yet still full of action, definately worth seeing.

User review rating: 0 January 29, 2007

This is NOT a typical Hollywood movie. This is a thinking person`s thriller. It has an great original story, decent action scenes (caution: war zone scenes) and good acting. If you are walking in expecting it to be another blow-em-no-plot movie I could see you disliking it. This movie does make you think.

User review rating: 0 January 27, 2007


User review rating: 0 January 25, 2007

Confusing, pointless and disappointing. Not enough explanation about how the current situation came about and as a result didn`t believe the circumstances under which they were living. At the end, felt let down, like I`d been taken on a journey to nowhere.

User review rating: 0 January 25, 2007

This was an awesome movie, it was smart and Clive Owen`s character wasn`t randomly James Bond-like, he was just an average Joe which is much more plausible. The story line was great and I really noticed the directing, I`m no expert but I thought it was really good.

User review rating: 0 January 25, 2007

I think this movie is over rated. Interesting concept, but poor screenplay. Clive has acted better.

User review rating: 0 January 25, 2007

I thought the film was excellent, Clive`s performance is amazing

User review rating: 0 January 25, 2007

"WHAT IN THE WORLD IS THIS MOVIE ABOUT???" I certainly don`t have a clue. Maybe if I went to an earlier viewing I might understand. I would not even recommend this as a rental.

User review rating: 0 January 23, 2007

The good thing of this movie are the special effects but It is very violent. I don`t recommend you go to see it. When I left the theatre I felt so depressed. It made me feel sad. So don`t waste your time and go to see a happier movie.

User review rating: 0 January 22, 2007

a very good film, the fiml is an extension of todays news headlines.....25 years into the future, which is not very bright, except for the ending

User review rating: 0 January 21, 2007

It had potential but 15 minutes into, I wanted to leave. I stayed because I thought it would get better but it didn`t.

User review rating: 0 January 21, 2007

Not something I would suggest. Boring, violent and a bad ending.

User review rating: 0 January 20, 2007

This movie isn`t Hollywood garbage. It`s a movie that tells the amazing story of struggle. The cinematic scenes were great, and the acting was awesome. Trust me guys this one haunts your mind.

User review rating: 0 January 19, 2007


User review rating: 0 January 18, 2007

Stunning- 4 1/2 stars. Definetly a powerful movie consisting of a simple, yet wild plot crammed with numerous unexpected twists, "edge of your seat" action sequences and an exquisite cast make this movie very much worth the time and admission expences for a theater screening.

User review rating: 0 January 18, 2007

The premise is absurd and the acting is even worse.

User review rating: 0 January 16, 2007

The plot had potential, maybe could have been better in a book format. senseless killings to get the point across that the world is ending was a good idea was a bit overdone. very interesting supporting charcters. Clive Owen`s acting was quite impressive so was Micheal Caine, good special effects to make a slum London. Ending was a letdown, left the entire trip pointless unless we could see what happens at the end of their trip but no such luck.

User review rating: 0 January 16, 2007

This was a most excellent film. Clive Owen was a great choice for the lead character. The plot is beleivable(not always the case with sci-fi)& the movie looked & felt real, very gritty & bleak. The camera work was top notch, some of the fight/chase scenes had a "Call of Duty" third person feel, very intense (blood splatter on the camera lens) I`d give it 4.00 out of 5.00.

User review rating: 0 January 16, 2007

Fantastic!! This is a definite tear jerker so don`t go without tissue.

User review rating: 0 January 16, 2007

Excellent use of monochromactic stlye similar to Black and White. Using the hand held camera brings the viewer directly in contact with the event on screen. The existance of two distinct level of privilege is brillantly displayed upon entering the royal grounds.

User review rating: 0 January 16, 2007

Very well put together. I love how they take concept cars and trash them. The juxtaposition of the simple living and crazy hard core music is magical, because it surprises and forces us to examine how we view the world. The story is beautifully crafted to fit real life where there are no real endings, only beginings. The ending works well for a sequel. The set design and camera angles help to tell the story of a world that isn`t that much different that what we are experiencing right now. You can picture yourself there and that is what gives this movie its creepy appeal. It`s definitely a wake-up call. I wonder though if people can be woken u

User review rating: 0 January 16, 2007

This is a very good movie, others comments about it being very Orwellian are right on. For those who say there are many loose ends...what exactly are you referring to? I think its your ADD addled brains that can`t handle a movie that lets you think about events and doesn`t wrap up into one of your neat little MTV-inspired packages where everyone and everyhting works out great. Eith all the chemicals, pesticides and drugs in our food and water supply, this isn`t so far fetched. In fact infertility and ed problems are rising exponentially.

User review rating: 0 January 15, 2007

The most intense fil I`ve seen in ages. Nightmar-ish, Orwellian, a Sublime piece if you`re paying attention. It`s interesting to read the reviews and pick out the typos, and "Boooorings" and then read some of the other better worded reviews. Obviously given the chaismus between the two, this film is for people with attention spans and a fair bit of smarts. That is to say, if you lack any of these you will not like this film at all.

User review rating: 0 January 15, 2007

Boring, not well thought out, too many loose ends. Would not recommend it. Could have written a better script myself.

User review rating: 0 January 15, 2007

Weird. Not put together very well.

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