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News from May 1, 2022 to June 26, 2022

Amber Heard not fired from Aquaman despite fans' petition

June 15, 2022

Amber Heard will appear in Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, despite rumors stating otherwise. This is also in spite of fans petitioning to get her fired.
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Jurassic World Dominion rules the weekend box office

June 12, 2022

Jurassic World Dominion devoured the competition its first weekend at the box office, earning a monstrous $143.4 million. Find out what else made the top five.
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Johnny Depp's heartfelt post to fans after Amber Heard trial

June 08, 2022

Johnny Depp went on TikTok to thank fans for their support following his defamation trial against Amber Heard. The jury awarded $15 million in damages to Depp.
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Guardians of the Galaxy Cosmic Rewind ride opens May 27!

May 20, 2022

The new Guardians of the Galaxy Cosmic Rewind ride at Epcot in Walt Disney World opens on May 27, 2022. We checked it out and have a full report for you!
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The Bad Guys fend off new competition at weekend box office

May 01, 2022

The animated movie The Bad Guys featuring the voice talent of Sam Rockwell, Anthony Ramos and Awkwafina stayed at the top of the box office this weekend.
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