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News from September 1, 2021 to October 20, 2021

Upcoming HBO series pulled from Texas due to abortion law

September 22, 2021

David Simon, the creator of the critically acclaimed show The Wire, refuses to film new HBO miniseries in Texas due to a new abortion law passed by the state.
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Howard Stern says anti-vax 'idiots' should 'die with COVID'

September 15, 2021

Talk show host Howard Stern has had it with people who refuse to get vaccinations and in some cases, are ingesting anti-parasite paste meant for horses.
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Bob Odenkirk back to work six weeks after heart attack

September 08, 2021

Bob Odenkirk tweeted he is back at work on his hit TV series Better Call Saul six weeks after suffering a debilitating heart attack on the set in New Mexico.
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