Yolki 8

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1h 34m | Comedy, Drama, Family

In Saransk, Zhenya arranges a celebration to bring his friend Borya out of melancholy, and even unconscious Santa will not stand in his way. In Tyumen, Julia will do everything possible to ensure that the opening of the thermal season takes place, and even the bad character of the guest star will not thwart her plans.

In Nizhny Novgorod, the gamer Fedya will get over himself and decide to reconcile his mistress with her ex-boyfriend. In Ufa, the event organizer, Peter, will have to carry out the oligarch's wife's crazy plan within 24 hours. And in Perm, Ksyusha will take revenge on an ex-groom for stealing her ideas. Can she come to terms with the situation?

Director: Aleksandra Lupashko, Varvara Matsenova, Yakov Yurovitskiy, Vasiliy Zorkiy
Cast: Ivan Urgant, Viktoriya Agalakova

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