White Lie

Katie Arneson (Kacey Rohl) tells everyone she has been diagnosed with skin cancer and is starting chemotherapy soon. She even goes as far as shaving her head and asking people for money to help. The only problem: she's faking the diagnosis for both attention and financial gain.

This fake diagnosis has given Arneson everything she has ever wanted. She becomes a local celebrity at her school, getting attention, sympathy, a supportive group of friends and money to help get her through school. But her story soon begins to unravel, forcing Katie to choose between coming clean and losing everything — or push her deceit even further.

Director: Calvin Thomas, Yonah Lewis
Studio: levelFILM
Producer(s): Calvin Thomas, Karen Harnisch, Katie Bird Nolan, Lindsay Tapscott, Yonah Lewis
Cast: Kacey Rohl, Amber Anderson, Martin Donovan, Thomas Olajide, Connor Jessup, Sharon Lewis, Christine Horne
Writer(s): Yonah Lewis, Calvin Thomas

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