Tyger Tyger

During a pandemic, the only medication available to save lives is too expensive for most people to afford. Too impatient to wait for the results that will tell her if she has the illness, Blake (Sam Quartin) and her boyfriend Cole (Max Madsen) steal all the supplies of the medicine from a pharmacy, so that she can give it out to people who need it.

Cole has other ideas, however. He wants to keep it for himself, so Blake dumps him and with the help of her mute friend Bobby (Nekhebet Kum Juch), she hits the road to deliver the meds to a remote commune, along with a junkie named Luke (Dylan Sprouse).

Director: Kerry Mondragon
Producer(s): Kerry Mondragon, Salvatore Sclafani
Cast: Dylan Sprouse, Sam Quartin, Thea Næss, Craig Stark, Nekhebet Juch, Max Madsen, Alma Martinez, Barbara Palvin
Writer(s): Kerry Mondragon

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