There Is No Evil

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This film includes four stories that all have the theme of the death penalty in Iran. 1. A good and patient father takes care of his aging mother during the day, but at night he’s a civil servant zealously watching over the execution of the condemned. 2. A young man in compulsory military service tries everything he can to get out of his assigned task of executioner. 3. A soldier on leave who reunites with his fiancée in the countryside is still reeling from the recent execution of a friend. 4. A beekeeper, in agreement with his wife, invites his niece to their remote property to reveal a disturbing secret to her.

Director: Mohammad Rasoulof
Studio: Acéphale
Producer(s): Mohammad Rasoulof, Kaveh Farnam, Farzad Pak
Cast: Baran Rasoulof, Darya Moghbeli, Mahtab Servati, Shahi Jila, Kaveh Ahangar, Shaghayegh Shoorian, Ehsan Mirhosseini, Alireza Zareparast
Writer(s): Mohammad Rasoulof
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