The Seven Last Words

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Release Date: June 14, 2019 (limited)

1h 13m | Drama, Musical

Introduction: In Haiti, on a small tourist plane, an old woman is frightened by strange visions.

1. Forgiveness: In Iran, a show brings to life the martyrdom of Imam Hussein in front of an emotional public.

2. Salvation: While listening to the sounds of a string quartet, an elderly woman revisits her youthful memories.

3. The relationship: In Quebec and Colombia, two sailors return to port at the end of their fishing trip.

4. Abandonment: exploration of the stages of existence that require total abandonment: birth, laughter, orgasm, death.

5. Distress: images of naked bodies stretching their arms in the sign of the cross are juxtaposed with images of white walls dripping with blood.

6. Triumph: in a magical forest, a young boy discovers strange phenomena.

7. The meeting: The spirit of a deceased Indian woman joins the world of her ancestors.

Director: Ariane Lorrain, Caroline Monnet, Juan Andrés Arango Garcia, Karl Lemieux, Kaveh Nabatian, Sophie Deraspe, Sophie Goyette
Studio: Maison 4:3
Producer(s): Catherine Chagnon
Writer(s): Juan Andrés Arango Garcia, Sophie Deraspe, Sophie Goyette, Karl Lemieux, Ariane Lorrain, Caroline Monnet, Kaveh Nabatian

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