The Deep Ones

The Deep Ones Movie Poster
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1h 23m | Horror, Sci-Fi

After suffering the loss of a child, American expat Alex and her husband Petri decide to take a much-needed holiday. Once they've touched down in the seaside city of Oxnard, they are spirited to a gorgeous beachfront bed & breakfast where they are welcomed by the charming if enigmatic Russell Marsh.

What begins as an alluring vacation from their problems soon devolves into a series of bizarre occurrences when the peculiar locals begin to show their true colors. An archaic evil has been summoned from the shores of this quiet crabbing community, one that has designs on Alex.

As she is sucked into a maelstrom of murder, mind control and maternal horror, she will have to confront the abyss head on or lose everything she holds dear.

Cast: Gina La Piana

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