Sweet Jesus, Preacher Man

Holmes (Roger E. Mosley) is a hit man working for a mob boss, Martelli (William Smith), as well as a state senator (Michael Pataki). Martelli gives Holmes an undercover assignment requiring him to pretend to be a preacher. As Holmes becomes the Rev. Jason Lee, he finds that he has a knack for speaking to his congregation.

Now Holmes must find information about Martelli's competition. However, he begins to discover that his employer is hiding something from him.

Director: Henning Schellerup
Producer(s): Daniel Cady
Cast: Michael Pataki, William Smith, Marla Gibbs, Roger Mosley, Tom Johnigarn, Joe Tornatore, Damu King, Sam Laws
Writer(s): John Cerullo, M. Madden, Abbey Leitch

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