Surprise Me!

Surprise Me! Movie Poster

Genie (Fiona Gubelmann) is a surprise-party planner who hates surprises. A risk-taking dynamo in business, but when it comes to her personal life...bubble-wrapped! Her old friend Danny (Jonathan Bennett) and new boyfriend Jeff (Sean Faris) both love her and as the tension heats up, she's stopped in her tracks by the biggest job of her career. An anonymous Hollywood producer hires Genie to throw a surprise wedding for his bride-to-be! As she struggles with all the pressure, she realizes that coping is beyond her control - she's binge-eating off the hook!

She seeks help from a quirky therapist (Nicole Sullivan), and learns the truth behind her crunch. Before Genie can get the bride to say "I do", she must take control of her choices and learn to be OK when life screams...Surprise!

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