Still the Water

All eyes are on Jordie MacAulay (Ry Barrett) when he returns to his small hometown on Prince Edward Island after playing semi-pro hockey in Alberta. Usually in an alcoholic haze, he's kicked off his team after injuring another player.

With no friends, no job, and no respect, in desperation he turns to his family for emotional support help as he tries to land a job fishing, but the locals remember his past. Despite being sober since the death of his mother, many still hold hard feelings towards Jordie, including his ex-girlfriend.

Canadian Connection Canadian Connection : Canadian production filmed on Prince Edward Island with a mostly Canadian cast and crew.

Director: Susan Rodgers
Studio: IndieCan Entertainment
Producer(s): Rick Gibbs, Susan Rodgers
Cast: Ry Barrett, Colin Price, Christina McInulty, Spencer Graham, Sherri-Lee Pike, Autumn Scarlett, George Woods, Thane Clarke
Writer(s): Susan Rodgers
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