Stay Out of the Attic

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On DVD/VOD: August 17, 2021

1h 22m | Horror

A group of ex-cons-turned-movers attend to a client who lives in an old Victorian mansion. The client, Vern Muller (Michael Flynn), insists that the move must happen quickly, so he offers the group a pay raise to stay all night. They accept, but soon realize their client is a Nazi surgeon after an exploration of the house yields living and rotting Holocaust experiments.

Horror ensues when the movers realize they are in the company of a very dangerous man. As the violence escalates and Muller shows his true colors, the truth behind what is in the attic is revealed and movers Imani (Morgan Alexandria), Albert (Ryan Francis), and Carlos (Bryce Fernelius) fight for their lives against a dangerous and unexpected foe.

Director: Jerren Lauder
Studio: Shudder
Producer(s): Dallin Cerva, Jason Scott Goldberg
Cast: Ryan Francis, Michael Flynn, Morgan Alexandria, Bryce Fernelius
Writer(s): Jerren Lauder, Jason Scott Goldberg, Jesse Federman, Julie Auerbach

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