Shooting Heroin

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1h 30m | Action, Adventure, Drama

The heroin crisis is destroying small towns across America. In one small town, Whispering Pines, the people have reached their limit and will do whatever it takes to rid their community of this scourge.

Shooting Heroin presents the opioid epidemic in its true essence as seen through the eyes and mind of writer director, Spencer T. Folmar who, like the lead character Adam, returned to his hometown in the heartland of America only to find it ravaged by the effects of the drug culture.

As Adam undergoes the process of resuming his place in the community and reuniting with his mother and sister a series of tragic events lead him to pressure local law enforcement to empower a small band of residents to lend a hand. Join us as we follow this group whose good intentions lead them down a dark path where they intend to eradicate the problem by any means necessary.

Director: Spencer T. Folmar
Studio: Veritas Films
Producer(s): Spencer T. Folmar
Cast: Alan Powell, Sherilyn Fenn, Cathy Moriarty, Gary Pastore, Lawrence Hilton-Jacobs, Rachel Hendrix, Nicholas Turturro
Writer(s): Spencer T. Folmar
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