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Release Date: March 23, 2007

On DVD/VOD: June 26, 2007

1h 45m | Action, Adventure, Drama

Bob Lee Swagger (Mark Wahlberg) is a former Marine Corps sniper who thought he had walked away from the job forever after a devastating betrayal. Now, despite having sequestered himself in a remote mountain hideaway, Bob is approached by retired Colonel Isaac Johnson (Danny Glover), who tells him the country desperately needs him. As Johnson tells it, an assassination attempt on the President of the United States is imminent and only Swagger's lethal skills and savvy expertise in long-range ballistics can halt the threat.

Swagger reluctantly agrees one last time to serve his country -- but what he doesn't know is that the entire mission is a set-up by a dark government cabal with its own agenda. By the time Swagger realizes the event has been rigged, it's too late. Suddenly, he finds himself in the headlines as the lone gunman who tried to shoot the President.

Hunted at every turn, with nowhere to hide and no one to help him except a mystified woman he's just met (Kate Mara) and a novice FBI agent risking his career (Michael Peña), Swagger is in a desperate battle which will put everything he knows to the test. The clock is ticking as he tries to figure out who the real hit men are before they hit him. But Swagger soon realizes even more than his own survival is at stake -- because he's about to lift the veil off a devastating conspiracy at the very heart of American power.

Canadian Connection  Canadian Connection: Partly filmed in British Columbia.
Director: Antoine Fuqua
Studio: Paramount Pictures
Producer(s): Lorenzo di Bonaventura, Ric Kidney
Cast: Mark Wahlberg, Michael Peña, Danny Glover, Kate Mara, Elias Koteas, Rhona Mitra, Rade Sherbedgia, Ned Beatty
Writer(s): Jonathan Lemkin
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