Actor/waiter Sam (Sawyer Spielberg) and his girlfriend Riley (Malin Barr) decide to go on a road trip through rural America. Instead of booking into a motel, they opt to camp in an open field one night, but they're woken up by the land owner and asked to leave. When their car won't start and they can't get cell reception to call for help, they find themselves stranded and begin walking along the road to find a place where they can use a phone.

They come across a lone house owned by Karen (Barbara Kingsley), an odd older woman who lets them in to use her phone and insists on providing a meal for them. Karen lives with her son, Gunni (Jamie Bradley), who also seems somewhat peculiar to the couple, with gauze wrapped around his head and a fixation on vintage cartoons. However, they try not to notice as they wait for a tow truck driver, who seems to be taking a long time to arrive. In the meantime, they begin having strange cravings and hallucinations that take them down a rabbit hole of the bizarre.

Director: Devereux Milburn
Studio: Dark Star Pictures
Producer(s): Alan Pierson, Dan Kennedy
Cast: Sawyer Spielberg, Malin Barr, Barbara Kingsley, Stephen D'Ambrose, Jamie Bradley
Writer(s): Devereux Milburn

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