Gambling, Gods and LSD

Gambling, Gods and LSD Movie Poster
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Release Date: November 22, 2002

3h 0m | Documentary

A filmmaker's inquiry into transcendence becomes a three-hour trip across countries and cultures, interconnecting people, places and times. From Toronto, the place of his childhood, Peter Mettler sets out on a journey that includes evangelism at the airport strip, demolition in Las Vegas, tracings in the Nevada desert, chemistry and street life in Switzerland, and the co-existence of technology and divinity in contemporary India. Everywhere along the way, the same themes to be found: thrill-seeking, luck, destiny, belief, expanding perception, the craving for security in an uncertain world. Fact joins fantasy; the search for meaning and the search for ecstasy begin to merge.

Director: Peter Mettler
Studio: Odeon Films
Producer(s): Alexandra Rockingham Gill, Cornelia Seitler, Ingrid Veninger
Writer(s): Peter Mettler

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