Falling Movie Poster

John (Viggo Mortensen) was born into the storm of his father’s rage. His father, Willis (Lance Henriksen), resents everything about his child’s presence, and what he sees as the trap of family life. Early on, the film shifts between scenes of John as a boy, forced by Willis into regular tests of masculinity, and John as an adult, living happily as a gay man. But when Willis, now in the grip of dementia, descends back into John’s life, his usual vitriol and rancid homophobia flow unchecked. As a son still bound by duty, John must care for the man who hurts him the most.

Canadian Connection Canadian Connection : A Canada/UK/Denmark coproduction, filmed in Ontario. Producer Daniel Bekerman is Canadian, as is David Cronenberg, who makes a cameo appearance as a proctologist.

Director: Viggo Mortensen
Studio: Mongrel Media
Producer(s): Chris Curling, Daniel Bekerman, Viggo Mortensen
Cast: Viggo Mortensen, Lance Henriksen, Terry Chen, Sverrir Gudnason, Hannah Gross, Laura Linney, David Cronenberg
Writer(s): Viggo Mortensen

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