Enfant Terrible

Enfant Terrible Movie Poster

This is the story of a child of his time - of an extremely talented and dynamic filmmaker named Rainer Werner Fassbinder, who dreams of making movies about the cold-hearted, archaic Federal German society and about the longing for respect and love of the outsiders - foreigners, underprivileged groups, small convicts. His fulminant rise to being one of the most important directors in Europe correlates with his mental and physical fall and his early death.

Director: Azhdar Ibragimov, Oskar Roehler
Studio: Dark Star Pictures
Producer(s): Stefan Arndt, Uwe Schott
Cast: Oliver Masucci, Hary Prinz, Katja Riemann, Felix Hellmann, Vladimir Samoylov, Svetlana Korkoshko, Ernst Romanov, Irina Miroshnichenko, Gennady Sayfulin, Nadezhda Lyashchenko, Vladimir Kuznetsov, Grigoriy Ostrin
Writer(s): Klaus Richter

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