Doubtful (Mutalim Besafek)

Doubtful (Mutalim Besafek) Movie Poster

Assi, a screenwriter and poet from Tel-Aviv, stuck in his personal life, is full of doubt and existential restlessness. He is sentenced to community service due to a drunken-driving accident; to work with juveniles in Beersheba, who are obliged to sessions with him as a condition for their parole.

Upon arriving, he encounters a wall of resistance-culture gaps with the young people he's forced to work with. The teenagers are only interested in passing the time-their riotous personalities and charm awaken in him a curiosity. A special connection develops with Eden, who lives with his mother, charismatic in his crazy way.

At night, Eden collects bottles for recycling in order to fulfill a dream. Assi is swept up and together, they break through the boundaries of the rehabilitative framework.

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