Dark State

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1h 33m | Drama, Thriller, Mystery

The Dark State is a group of people that share the same vision of having a one world government with complete control over everybody. Aspiring actress Katie Marro (Katie Stahl) attends a party arranged by servants of the Dark State with her friend Violet (Kim Carson), where she gets involved with dangerous and high profile figures. The next morning Katie is in a fatal car crash that kills the three people in the car with her and leaves her as the sole survivor.

Local reporter at the Hammonton Herald, Alicia Gazzara (K. O'Rourke), is set on writing about the accident, as she has a personal connection with Katie's family. During her investigation, she begins to uncover dark secrets connecting those who died in the accident to the Dark State. With the Dark State on to her and now threatening her life, Alicia must now decide whether or not expose the truth to the world or accept things the way they are.

Director: Tracy Lucca
Studio: Atlas Distribution Company
Producer(s): Tracy Lucca, Michel Grey, Mark Riccadonna
Cast: Constantine Maroulis, Nicholas Baroudi, Katie Stahl, Melissa Connell, Greg Wood, Antoni Corone, K. O'Rourke
Writer(s): Tracy Lucca

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