Cinematheque at Home: The 48 Hour Film Contest

Cinematheque at Home: The 48 Hour Film Contest Movie Poster
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Release Date: July 29, 2020 (limited)

1h 36m | Short

The Winnipeg Film Group’s 2020 COVID-19 Self-Isolation Pandemic Edition of the 48 Hour Film Contest continues its premiere run during the Cinematheque at Home series following the premiere at the Gimli Film Festival.

This historic program features 24 brand new Made-in-Manitoba short films. The WFG is the first artist-run media arts centre in the world to sponsor the creation of works reflecting the challenging times we are all living in. All these films were created over the course of 48 hours in June 2020. An online awards ballot will be available during this run here and you are welcome to vote for all your favourite films and crafts categories.

Congratulations to all the filmmakers for their hard work and truly independent spirit. Don’t miss this exciting program of new films from the WFG. The lineup includes the following titles:

Andrew Wall – Grandemic
Damien Ferland – Self Isolating
Lasha Mowchun – Serena
Tiff Bartel – Plague Summer
Chelsey Mark – Vengeance
Adam Yarish – Hack Job
Justina Neepin – Solo
Aniko Kere – A Ghost Magnet
Tavis Putnam – Indoor Joke
Luke Whitmore – Mort Through the Looking Glass
Matthew Van Ginkel – No Contact
Nicole Loewen – Fear, Eat My Dust
Shannon Loewen – The G.H.D.
Vince Tang – Rift
Amanda Kindzierski – Family Business
Grace Carey – The List
Renz Vallarta – Mandy
Steve Passmore – Ode to Sole
William Klippenstein – Sântá
Kelley Hirst – 14 Days in Hell
Jacob Sitarek – 2021 A Covid-19 Odyssey
Ethan Billard Dooley – Dirty Laundry
Jared Adams – Reconnect
Reisha Hancox – Man in Pool

Studio: Winnipeg Film Group

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