Camp Twilight

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1h 33m | Horror

After discovering the very real possibility that they won't have earned enough credits to graduate, six high school students—Maria (Brooklyn Haley), her boyfriend Johnny (Cougar MacDowell) and her best friend, Tori (Angela Gluchowski), as well as Tori's boyfriend Danny (Dondre Tuck) and Danny's teammate Kevin (Harris Sebastian) and finally, troubled teen Sydney (Hayleigh Hopkins)—agree to a weekend camping trip led by their teachers, Ms. Bloom (Felissa Rose) and Mr. Warner (Barry Jay Minoff), to gain extra credit.

When they arrive at Camp Twilight, they quickly discover the camp's dark past. The park has a dangerous and notorious history, including several murders, and the students soon discover these stories are more than just urban legends. After a series of "accidents," the remaining group discovers they are being hunted and must stick together to survive.

Director: Brandon Amelotte
Producer(s): Rick Finkelstein, Steven Chase
Cast: Dave Sheridan, Linnea Quigley, Vernon Wells, Brooklyn Haley, Jessica Cameron, Tracy Lear, Chalet Brannan, Cougar MacDowell, Angela Gluchowski, Dondre Tuck, Harris Sebastian, Hayleigh Hopkins, Skylar Lear
Writer(s): Brandon Amelotte, Felissa Rose

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